7th EuroFlow Educational Symposium
                   & Workshop

                                                                                  Prague, CZ

EuroFlow is a scientific consorcium aimed at developing new toolf for fast, sensitive and standardized toolf for diagnostics of hematological malignancies.

The purpose of the open EuroFlow Educational Symposium & Workshop is to inform colleagues in the field and provide the tools developed to the broader audience.

This event is organized in cooperation with CSAC. "Analytical cytometry" conferecne will follow on Sunday to Tuesday (October 9th-11th) in the same location. CSAC invites all participants to register for both events, participants of EuroFlow Open Workshop can visit Sunday program (invited international speakers) of Analytical cytometry free of charge (meals not included - can be ordered at registration). Participants registered for both events will pay reduced fee for the EuroFlow Open Workshop.

Social event on Sunday night will be organized jointly for Analytical Cytometry and EuroFlow Open Workshop .

DATE: 8 October 2011

VENUE: Hotel Dap, Vítězné náměstí 4/684, 160 00 Prague 6

IMPORTANT: Participants are required to bring their own laptop computers for the afternoon workshop!

FEE: Regular: 1200 CZK

3300 CZK - reduced fee for joint regstration for EuroFlow+Analytical Cytometry

- Saturday meals and Social event included

SOCIAL EVENT:  Lecture followed by Welcome Drink in the historical "Karolinum" - 14th century building of Charles University in Prague

- not included (on request) is a short (45min) guided walk from Lesser Town, over Charles Bridge to Karolinum at Old Town before the Social Event.

PLANNED ATTENDANCE:   50 participants/15 tutors

REGISTRATION: handled by AMCA - click HERE

ACCOMMODATION (included in the registration form):
Hotel accommodation can be arranged by AMCA on request. Please make your reservation preferably before 5. 9. 2011. Accommodation cannot be reserved without the deposit. The hotel voucher will be mailed to you upon receipt of payment.

Hotel DAP*** (Meeting venue) - FULLY BOOKED
Vítězné náměstí 4/684, Prague 6
Single room: 1.100 CZK, Double room: 1.800 CZK

Hotel Denisa **** (map - direction to meeting venue)
Narodni obrany 33, Prague 6 – Dejvice
Single room: 1.650 CZK, Double room: 1.800 CZK


Saturday. 8 October, 2011 EuroFlow Open Workshop

9:00 – 9:30 : Registration Open

9:30 – 9:40 : Welcome/Introduction (Alberto Orfao)

9:40 – 10:00 : The EuroFlow Program (Jacques J.M. van Dongen)

10:00 – 10:45 : EuroFlow strategies for data analysis with INFINICYT software (Alberto Orfao)

11:00  – 11:30 : How to apply the EuroFlow antibody panels (Alberto Orfao 15min and Tomek Szczepanski 15min )

11:30 - 12:00  : EuroFlow diagnosis and classification of acute leukemias, particularly ALL (Ester Mejstříková)

12:00 – 12:30 : Technical aspects and standardization (Tomas Kalina)

12:30 – 13:15 : LUNCH

Participants own laptops necessary !!

13:15 – 17:15 : Practical Data Analysis Session of EuroFlow Workshop
1. Introduction to the Infinicyt software (30min)
2. Groups 1 (60min):
a) Manual analysis of ALL / AML
b) Manual analysis of CLPD
c) Manual analysis of SST
d) Manual analysis of PCD

Coffee Break (30min)

3. Groups 2 (60min):
a) Manual analysis of ALL / AML
b) Manual analysis of CLPD
c) Manual analysis of SST
d) Manual analysis of PCD

EuroFlow samples’ database (30min)

Discussion and closure (30min)

REGISTRATION: handled by AMCA - click HERE

Questions and contacts:

Scientific program - Tomas Kalina, MD. PhD., tomas.kalina@lfmotol.cuni.cz

Payment, accomodation - AMCA, amca@amca.cz




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