On Wednesday, May 2, an outreach effort aimed at high-school students, CYTO Youth, was organised by Julianne Hill of National Institutes of Health, U.S. and her team of scientists, educators and volunteers as part of the CYTO 2018 conference.
The event opened with an inspiring speech by J. Paul Robinson, introducing students to the basic principles applied in cytometry and cell sorting. Students then attended workshops focused on function of antibodies and antigens, optics and fluidics in a flow cytometer, immunophenotyping and the simultaneous analysis of many different cellular markers.
Afterwards, the students were given a guided tour through the commercial exhibition at CYTO, with an opportunity to ask questions at the booths of companies influential in cytometry and related technologies. A closing talk by Joni S. Moore of the Perelman School of Medicine, U.S addressed clinical use of cytometry and cell sorting.
Thanks to Julianne Hill, Gelo Dela Cruz, Paul Wallace, Dan Callen, Haley Pugsley, Joni Moore, Roxana del Rio-Guerra, Tomas Kalina, Jozef Janda, Alexis Conway and others who helped organise this fun and valuable event.
David Novák, CYTO Youth volunteer
“CYTO Youth congress was great for me. The organization was awesome, I very much appreciated the small interactive workshops in groups. – R.S. high school student 3rd grade.”


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